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The Team

Welcome to the Mid England Agriculture Ltd website.

  Founded in 1993, Mid England Agriculture Ltd has been successfully trading for 20 years.

 We are a family run business, with old fashioned values and work ethics, backed up by the latest in modern technology.  Our aim is to be 'exactly what it says on the tin' by sampling the grain, and then marketing it to the best outlets, so that the farmer ends up with the price he originally agreed.

 Managing director Ian Root started his career in the grain trade at the age of 22.  Farmer's son Ian then began Mid England Agriculture Ltd in 1993 alongside his wife Julie, putting the emphasis on friendly service, looking after his customers, and being a man of his word.

Ian Root

Managing Director & Trading Manager

Joanna Root

Grain Trader

& Logistics Manager

Julie Root


Suzanne Kracher

Grain Administration


Joanne Bocock

Chief Company Accountant

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